At Atlas Crew our people are our product. Only if our people are qualified and committed can we offer world class service and solutions. Everybody at Atlas Crew takes pride in their role and is aware that how they perform that role impacts on the team, and ultimately your event.
Our ethos is that QUALITY far out weights quantity.
This approach has contributed greatly to our reputation within the industry and resulted in many of our clients securing crew months in advance.

Crew Structure

At Atlas we have 5 levels of crew with a clear pathway for those that excel to progress.


All crew start on a probationary level whilst completing their induction training and being vetted by both management and their peers.

General Crew

They've passed our probationary period and completed the necessary induction training. Now they can complete all general crew tasks safely and efficiently. To get here they have displayed the right attitude as well as shown that they possess both the physical and mental attributes to contribute to the team.

Senior Crew

Our Senior crew have demonstrated the desire to progress whilst acquiring the skills and experience necessary. They provide valuable support to our crew chiefs on site and help maintain high standards throughout.

Crew Chief

Our crew chiefs are present on all bookings regardless of the number of crew required. On site they are the point of contact for our clients supervisors and production staff. All instructions will be relayed to our operatives clearly, and they will ensure all work is completed to the highest standard.

Senior Crew Chief

On any particularly complex call out or where there are high numbers of crew we send our senior crew chiefs. These guys are the pinnacle to which all our staff aspire. They possess site and project management skills and will work with you and your supervisors in ensuring everything on site goes to plan.